A Valentine for My Husband

I would like to give my husband a Valentine that gave him entrance to heaven.  Yes you read that correctly and here’s why:

I heard Fr. John Corapi talk about what he would ask Pre-Cana couples during counseling.  He would ask them what they wanted for their prospective partners.  Invariably they would say things like a nice home, children or happiness.  “Don’t you want them to go to heaven?,” he would say in that fabulous booming voice of his.

Heaven should be our top priority for our spouse as well as for ourselves.

“In the end, for all eternity you and I will be in heaven or hell … period!” – Fr. Corapi

I have no doubt that my husband will go to heaven.  After all, he was the one “who worried about my soul” and sparked my own concerns about it.  For years God tried to get my attention to no avail, so he sent a man into my life that I initially had no interest in and put us in a situation where we had no connection to anyone in the room except each other.

My husband and I were introduced by mutual friends and after months of avoiding each other we were talked into going to a party together.  What we didn’t know was the party was given by Parents Without Partners.  We were the only couple there that had never been married and had no children.  We had no choice but to talk to each other!

We started going out together, but I would look at my watch and tell my friends that it was only a matter of time before we stopped seeing each other.  What did I have in common with a man from a large Italian family … and was Catholic?  A real Catholic.  Who went to church every week!  Seriously?

One day I was having lunch with a woman who I occasionally worked with.  She had asked me about the “new man” in my life and was listening to my list of things that he and I didn’t have in common.  When I was done, she told me how I was looking at the situation all wrong.

She knew my dating history and reminded me of the losers (I mean men) in my life and how the new guy compared to them.  The new guy actually had a job (a good job!) and was devoted to his family and faith.  He had a stability and sense of responsibility that no one I ever dated had.  I started to rethink this.

Before I met my husband (and had finally left the last loser) I wondered if I would ever get married.  I certainly wasn’t going to have any children!  At least that was the plan.  I didn’t want to be the mother my mother was and I felt the solution to that was not to have kids.

But as my husband (then boyfriend) and I talked, he made me realize that maybe the reason I hadn’t wanted children was because I knew instinctively that the men I had been with wouldn’t have made good fathers much less good husbands.  Another rethink.

It all started to come together.  But first things first.  I started with my soul and began to explore the Catholic faith.  I was going to do this whether we got married or not.  The next step was, do I want to marry THIS man and did I want children with THIS man?

One day I casually said to him, “Should we get married this year or next year?”  He said, “Let’s get married this year.”  We were married six months later.

So my Valentine for my husband would be that he go to heaven.  Not any time soon, of course!  It’s the least I could want for him after all he’s given and done for me!

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