The Day After Christmas

I know.  It’s two days after Christmas, but the day after Christmas has become significant for me.

Since I went back to work five years ago, going to work the day after Christmas seems like the worst possible idea ever.  Seriously.  Who does that?  Well probably most of the working world and I think it should be mandatory that everything be shut down the day after as well.

Why?  Well, we all plan for the holiday for months; decorating, buying gifts, cooking and working.  In a short time, the whole experience is over and we’re all back at work like nothing happened!  It sucks!  Sorry, but it does!

This year, I put in for one week’s vacation starting this past Sunday and I got it.  Seniority-wise, I’m closer to the bottom of the barrel, but somehow, I was granted the time off and if I have my way, I will do it from now on.

In the featured picture, you see (from left to right) a picture of Our Lady of the Millennium, an angel plant holder that belonged to my parents, Our Lady and the Baby Jesus, small mug with my Dad’s name on it and a vase which was a gift from the BFF.

The statue of Our Lady and the Baby Jesus was a surprise and unexpected gift from one of my sister-in-laws this year.  We stopped doing a grab bag for Christmas years ago.  As I placed it on top of the shelf, I smiled and just looked at Her.

Christmas is lasting a little longer this year.

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