Reflections on Christmas Eve

I was thinking of Christmas Eves’ past.  Sometimes the evening would be a flurry of activity.  As our children grew older, it got quieter.

Our tradition was to only open gifts on Christmas morning. The only thing that remains the same is my thoughts.  I would eventually go to bed and lay there.  Like a little kid, I wouldn’t be able to sleep.  My own excitement would keep me awake.  I would anticipate my family’s reaction to the gifts I had spent months carefully picking out. And then, I would think about the reason for the season.  A tiny baby sent to save us all.  His bewildered parents, saying yes to God without question, but wondering what the future will hold as all new parents do.

Tonight I hope you have the opportunity to reflect in quiet moments about your own Christmas Eve.  I hope you have the time to be grateful for all the gifts God and others will give you.  I hope you have the opportunity to give in other ways throughout the year whether it be in a monetary form or of your time.

And lastly, I hope someone sees the light of faith in your eyes and in that reflection it reignites their own faith. Merry Christmas!

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