Serving One Master

No servant can serve two masters. – Luke 16:13

In the early stages of my conversion a woman asked me if I followed my daily horoscope.  My answer was pretty simple.  No.  I used to read it every day, but after a while, I just got bored with it and after converting, there was no need.

She smiled and nodded.  She was a Cradle Catholic, but she had dabbled in other stuff over the course of many years and she learned first hand what Luke’s scripture meant.  She was making sure that in my spiritual youth, I wasn’t following anything or anybody but Jesus Christ.

I have other distractions.  Especially this time of year.  Shopping is my drug of choice and sometimes it leads me astray.  I’ve already started my Christmas shopping and I’ve kept it pretty simple.  I’ve decided to take a different approach this year to Advent and the Christmas Season.

I’ve already purchased my 2012 Magnificat Advent Companion.  But putting my faith in action is what I’m going to do this season.  I’ve already started in some instances.

St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church is having all their stained glass windows repaired at a cost of $1900 each, so I’ve decided to give what we can toward that.  I’m also trying to put more in the regular envelope each week to help with the anticipation of the Church paying a water bill next year.

Financially, St. Therese is doing pretty well compared to other churches.  A lot of them have growing deficits and that doesn’t stop one hundred year old boilers from breaking down or buildings needing tuck-pointing or other repairs.  I don’t know how some of these parishes are going to make it.  My fear is, they won’t.

Since I sing at Mass with my husband and our friend on Saturday’s, my stewardship is somewhat spoken for.  However, I was asked to be on the welcoming committee for Catholics Come Home and I’m really excited about that.  I’m hoping my story of conversion will help others to just come home.

Lastly, I’m going to step out of my comfortable Catholic box and I’ll talk more about that later.  Or I might just keep that between me and God.

This Advent, I want to serve one Master.


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