The 2012 Presidential Debates, Sort of

Some of my favorite tweets and comments of the night:

These were posted about the “drinking game” you see above:

That’s too many rules for me. We just have 3 and it’s bad!

Step four: pass out within 30 minutes and sleep peacefully through the rest of the coverage.

I’d already be drunk and it would be Bush’s fault.

From Twitter:

RT @hipster_christ: Here in heaven, I’m watching Tim Russert moderate a debate. #hipsterjesus

@Catholic Really: “I’m going to kick your …” RT @roeconn: Don’t you always wonder what they say to each other when they shake hands? “Hey, your tie is crooked”

From Dennis Miller:  Obama better hope a Kicked Ass is covered under Obamacare.

@hipster_christ: Debate is over, & now the phone lines are open. Vote now, & tomorrow night @RyanSeacrest will announce the winner #debate2012

From friends and family:

What does Obama keep measuring with his hands?

Every time Romney says jobs: drink

Avoiding an answer: drink

Every time Obama says um/ah drink!!!

We even ventured into Harry Potter:

(_______) just used the term “hogwash” when describing the debate. Who still says that?

She did just finish Harry Potter, maybe she meant Hogwarts

No, but I’m beginning to think that maybe that’s where both of these bozos went to school!

And I thought the debate was going to be boring!

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