Catholic, My A$$!

Yesterday, I got a bit of flack for posting this picture that I saw in an email I got from Little Catholic Bubble.  I thought it was pretty funny and spot on, but a lot of people were offended by it.

You should see the stuff I don’t post.  Like this or this.  Both of these videos I find offensive for different reasons.  The first because of language (because I think the “F” word is way more vulgar than ass), but more importantly one out of touch millionaire calling out another out of touch millionaire?  Seriously?

The second is just sad.

Surprisingly (or not), the offending picture got fifteen shares, so there were a few that found it compelling and worth passing around.

In introspect, I probably should have edited it like you see here, but I didn’t.

Here’s the really interesting part:  people were more offended by a three letter word than those six people who call themselves Catholic and publicly go against church teaching.


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