We Hold These Truths || Spoken Word

At this time in America we’ve come to the crossroads
Standing with our religious freedom and what we have been told.
We hold these truths to be self evident all men created the same
Endowed with certain unalienable rights that can’t be taken away
They cannot be taken away by man, they were given by the creator
God almighty in Heaven, greater than any legislature
No system, No policy, No mandate has the power
To trample on our conscience and rob us of what is ours
Things that violate health, we are told we must provide
Using faulty percentages to justify conquer and divide
This is not about one issue that we need to just let go
It’s not simply about contraception but about government control
A Year to comply? A Year to deny?
A Year to turn the other way and let our conscience die?
A Mandate that violates the corporate conscience of our faith
And once this door is open every religion and creed is at stake
Every American should see this as a threat to our country’s foundation
Religion doesn’t make us second class, settling for an accommodation
Our conscience is sacred; our freedom of religion is a treasure
Handed to us by Soldiers who fought and sacrificed beyond measure
The 1st amendment protects the free exercise of Religion
To exercise our freedom without living a contradiction
As faithful Americans we HOLD THESE TRUTHS
Life, Liberty and Happiness’ pursuit
This isn’t to be partisan or to endorse a candidate
This is about a plea to the administration to rescind this mandate
And as you deliberate for freedoms sake just remember
We get to use our rights and cast our two cents in November

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