The Power of a Mother's Prayers

When my kids were younger, and they had done something wrong, I would tell them, “NEVER underestimate the power of my prayers!”  They would give me these very quizzical looks with just a bit of fear in their eyes.  I don’t think they really understood what that meant, but I always had St. Monica in mind.

Praying for our children is like breathing.  As Catholics, it comes naturally to us.  Whether our children are as good as gold or a bit wayward, our prayers our fervent.

St. Monica never gave up on Augustine and her prayers paid off when he finally consented to being baptized.

Before her death, Monica told Augustine:

My son, as to me, I no longer find any pleasure in this life.  What more I have to do here and why I am still here I do not know, since I have no longer anything to hope for in the world.  There was only one reason why I wanted to stay a little longer in this life, and that was that I should see you a Catholic before I died.  Now God has granted me this beyond my hopes.  For I see that you have despised the pleasures of this world and have become his servant.  So what am I doing here?

I always tell mine that I want to live long enough to truly annoy them.  😉


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