Knowing the Mass, One Word at a Time

Every week in the church bulletin there are small articles reflecting on the Year of the Sunday Mass.  There is a question of the week article and an article entitled “Know the Mass, One Word at a Time.

While sifting through some older bulletins, I ran across three words that got me thinking quite a bit.  Perhaps you saw them in your bulletin and read the short articles.  Here is my take on the three:

Prepare:  We all make preparations to do basically everything, but once you get to Mass how do you prepare?  As musicians, we get to church quite early and set up our equipment and then we sing through all the selections.  After that we go downstairs to the community room and have our tea.

I realized that we were forgetting something:  a moment of prayer.  We’ll have to rectify that.  Which leads me to:

Quiet:  Usually whoever reads the welcoming announcement will ask that we take a moment to remember where we are and what we are about to celebrate … and then someone’s cell phone rings or the toddler in the back has a meltdown.  A lot of these distractions are hard to ignore.  I’m very easily distracted and it’s something that I have to personally work on.

Deepen:  Our lives are rushed and Mass is a great time to slow things down.  There are times when we are singing where I could just stand there all day and go through every song we know!  But, that’s not practical, so I take what I can from the Mass with me, and hope that what I heard and experienced will deepen my faith.

October 11 is the beginning of the Year of Faith and it will end November 24, 2013.  Magnificat has A Year of Faith Companion and will be releasing the ebook version some time in September.  They’re going to email me when it’s released!

Treat yourself to one or the other and maybe buy one for a friend.  Sharing the coming year can only strengthen all of us.

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