Inviting the President to Dinner

Who knew that inviting the President of the United States to dinner would cause such an uproar?  Michael Voris is not the only one in a tizzy over this as many Catholic and pro-life activists are horrified that the President would be invited to the Al Smith dinner:

“We cannot set aside our deeply-held differences and put in any place of honor those who continuously attack the tenets of our faith, and even our very ability to practice that faith,” Human Life International’s president Father Shenan Boquet said in an Aug. 9 statement about the Smith dinner invitation.

“We cannot pretend for one moment that such an honor at any function promoting the work of the Church doesn’t give legitimacy to their position while harming the Catholic Church’s image.”

The Al Smith dinner (and Foundation) is named for Gov. Alfred E. Smith, the first Catholic nominated, in 1928, as a candidate for president, who was defamed because of his own Catholic faith.

And from the comment box from an article in the National Catholic Register:

I can’t wait to hear obama crack his one-liners…how about starting off with how he forced the Catholic Church to shut down the adoption services to prevent homosexuals from adopting children and teaching them their perverse lifestyle…or how about how in his next term he’ll force the Catholic Church to marry same-sex deviates…and if that don’t get the religious laughing out loud how about ending it with how he can hear the screams of the little children in the womb screaming as they are ripped apart in their pro-choice mothers womb……WOE TO THOSE THAT CAUSE SCANDAL IN THE CHURCH……………….have a nice laugh Cardinal Dolan, Satan can just sit back and watch as Christ own representatives can do his dirty work for him.

YIKES!  Seriously?

From the first time I heard that the President had been invited, I instinctively knew that Cardinal Dolan was trying to keep the lines of communication open even though some have warned the Cardinal not to trust the President.

Whether you trust the President or not, as Catholics, I think we can trust Cardinal Dolan.

And by the way, Mitt Romney has accepted his invitation.  Should be a fun evening!

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