An Answered Call to the Priesthood

My husband and I met Christian Shiu last year when we first came to St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church to sing at the 5 PM Mass.  We were impressed by this young man so fired up about his faith and then we learned why.

Christian had just received the sacraments the Easter of 2011 and had already started to discern a vocation to the priesthood.  What’s probably even more remarkable is that before that, Christian was pursuing a career in law enforcement.  He even had a letter of recommendation from former police superintendent Jody Weiss for the FBI.

So what changed this young man’s mind?  After his 11 PM to 7 AM shift, he would attend Mass at St. Therese and that’s one of the many times he began to hear God’s call to serve, not as a police officer but as God’s priest in the Catholic Church.

In Christian’s own words: “Caritas Christi Vrget Nos” / (The love of Christ urges us on)

Please pray for this young man and all that are entering the seminary this fall.  The future of our Church depends on them!

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