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Finding Your "Inner Iggy"

The life of St. Ignatius of  Loyola is an antidote for Christians who exhaust themselves seeking God’s plan for their lives.  Ignatius founded the Society of Jesus, a religious community that has had earthshaking influence on the modern world.  But he did not do it deliberately by searching out God’s design.  He merely surrendered to... Read more »

The Pro-Life Community is Calling for Legislature to Protect Women Who Go to Planned Parenthood

Do you remember the name Tonya Reaves?  She was in the news about a week ago.  She wasn’t one of the victims of the Colorado shooting or involved in the Chick-fil-A controversy.  She was a 24 year old woman who died at a Planned Parenthood here in Chicago after having an abortion. That might be... Read more »

Year of Sunday Mass

The Catholic church is devoting a year to concentrating on the meaning of the Mass.  In our Sunday bulletin, the word “break” is the focus. What I didn’t realize is that the breaking of the bread “symbolizes the suffering body of Christ broken for us.  The breaking of the one bread to feed many symbolizes... Read more »

Deliver Me Dear Jesus: Blog Humility

The Litany of Blog Humility by Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester From the desire of my blog being read Deliver me dear Jesus From the desire of my blog being praised Deliver me dear Jesus From the fear of my blog being despised Deliver me dear Jesus From the fear of my blog being forgotten Deliver me dear Jesus... Read more »

Is Chick-fil-A the New Definition of Hatred, Bigotry and Intolerance?

              After writing Wednesday’s post about Chick-Fil-A I began to wonder about the words hatred, bigotry and intolerance.  I was accused of all of those things and the people making those accusations didn’t seem to see that they were guilty of exactly the same thing. One of the people who... Read more »

How to keep gangbangers away from your kids

                    What we know about the parents of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, comes to us through the apocryphal gospels: Anne and Joachim are informed separately by an angel that God has blessed their union and that their unborn child will be the Mother... Read more »

Will You Eat at Chick-fil-A Today?

When I heard that Starbucks and Target had announced that they would be contributing to Gay and Lesbian causes, I was disappointed, but not surprised.  Businesses are usually terrified of any kind of boycott and they generally follow the money anyway.  It’s their right to contribute to the community or cause of their choice. My... Read more »

Can the Colorado Movie Massacre Shooter Convert?

Can the Colorado movie massacre shooter convert?  Repent?  Feel real sorrow for what he has done?  It happens: Whoever Does the Will of the Father Forgive me for not having written you.  I’m afraid you must have been worried.  To tell the truth, and I admit it to my deep shame, for some time things... Read more »

My Father's "Psalmboken"

I am a first generation “Swede.”  My father came to this country in 1924 at the tender age of 17 all by himself.  His first experience landing on American soil, was the theft of the coat his mother made for him specifically for the journey. I am probably the only Catholic on his side of... Read more »

In the Aftermath of the Colorado Shootings

“Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.” – from today’s Gospel, Mark 6:30-34 Jesus’ words seem like a soft blanket in which to wrap ourselves in after the Colorado shootings. One of my colleagues here at ChicagoNow wrote about the attention heaped on the shooter in this tragedy.  Her article can... Read more »