What Does Facebook Consider Spam?

“Oh, Marti. Think of biology. Sex is pleasurable and good… because nature wants people to have children! It’s why food is good, too… so that we have life! But to separate the unitive part of sex from the procreative is just plain wrong. They go together. They are meant to be together. The baby making act (which is pleasurable and which is meant to bond the spouses) actually creates babies! That’s the point of it, biologically. And, if a man and woman cannot create a baby, it’s still *ordered* toward procreation; something has simply gone wrong, or the spouses bodies have gotten too old. But the act is still *ordered* rightly. You keep saying that homosexuals can make babies. Not with each other!! Obviously. Obviously. You know this. Marti, when things are seen and used according to their right order, human beings flourish. When we use things against their purpose and order, things tend NOT to flourish. The idea that anyone could be at the point of saying, “I’m not sure if in a perfect world a child should be raised by his mom and dad” makes me very sad. I think we can see why so many kids are so messed up and don’t understand what it means to be a mother or a father, a husband or a wife. :(“

The above statement is from Leila Miller, who writes the Little Catholic Bubble blog. It’s the statement that got her suspended from her Facebook account. You can read about what happened to her here.

I’ve never been suspended from Facebook, but I do know two Catholic pages that were suspended for spam. All they did was post a link to their Facebook page on other Catholic pages. One was suspended during the whole Lenten Season!

I’ve only reported someone for spam on my page once. It wasn’t the comment that was offensive, it was their profile picture that left my jaw hanging.

Since my page is public, anyone can post on my Timeline or make a comment. Occasionally I’ll get a direct message from someone expressing concern over a conversation thread, but if I wait long enough, things calm down.

With all the truly filthy things on Facebook, it makes me wonder why some people are targeted while others are allowed to gleefully spread their mud around the community.

We all complain about Facebook, but it has become almost a necessary evil. The only reason I’m on it is because of this blog and I’m sure a lot of bloggers feel that way.

I don’t know what Facebook views as offensive or as spam. Leila Miller’s above comment certainly isn’t vulgar. There’s no crude language, but it hit a nerve with someone.

A friend of mine (Hey Jude!) had this posted on her personal wall the other day. It sums up Facebook quite well:


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