Purgatory on Earth

The best explanation for Purgatory I ever heard was from Mother Angelica.  She said that we should think of Purgatory as taking a shower before we finally meet God because we want to be perfectly clean before that meeting.

Watching this video showed me what a big baby I am.  I want to be comfortable, not walking barefooted in the rain.  There have been times when I have suffered.  I knew that it would end and I also knew there was a purpose for it, even if I didn’t completely understand that purpose.

Once while on retreat, I had a very strange experience.  I was physically there, walking the beautiful grounds and praying at the various statues.  But mentally, my mind was elsewhere and my thoughts were hardly on Our Lord.  Looking back, it was a bizarre experience and when I think about it, I’m truly ashamed.

Perhaps I created my own purgatory in the anguish I suffered later when I realized what those thoughts did to my soul.


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