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Thinking About The Beatitudes

                  The Beatitudes, like a lot of scripture, become so part of the landscape of our church, that we don’t really think about them or what they mean.  Today think about the Beatitudes and how they relate to you. When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up... Read more »

Corpus Christi - The Body and Blood of Christ

Today we celebrate the best of what the Catholic church has to offer:  The Body and Blood of Christ! This morning we are attending the installation of Fr. Francis Li as pastor at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church here in Chicago.  Please pray for him and for Fr. Bernard McNally from England who is celebrating 40 years... Read more »

Father Steven Scheier's Judgment Experience

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I found a shorter version of this, but decided this longer one was worth publishing.  

Fr. Andrew Kemberling Stands Up For Religious Freedom

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If you are able to join the many rallies being held across the country today at noon for Stand Up for Religious Freedom, watch this video before you go. It’s a mini-pep rally all by itself.    

Sex-Selection in America: Part 3 - Undercover in Arizona

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Stunned.  Horrified.  Add your own adjectives.  The most jaw dropping part about it is that it continues!

What Does Facebook Consider Spam?

“Oh, Marti. Think of biology. Sex is pleasurable and good… because nature wants people to have children! It’s why food is good, too… so that we have life! But to separate the unitive part of sex from the procreative is just plain wrong. They go together. They are meant to be together. The baby making... Read more »

Sex-Selection in America: Part 1 - Undercover in Texas

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Worried about passing judgment?  Seriously?  It’s okay to kill your child because it’s a girl?  This is not a third world country!  This is America!  We talk about whether there is a real “war on women,” but that is nothing but a political football compared to this. When I was 38 I became pregnant.  I... Read more »

Sex-Selection in America: Part 2 - Undercover in NYC

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Yep, there’s more. Please sign the petition and maybe we can stop this madness.

The Mystery of Faith and the Cubs

At Mass last night, the priest said the nuns had several common phrases.  One of them was, if you asked a question about faith, their answer was “It’s a mystery.”  And so it appears with baseball. I’ve never been a baseball fan.  The lifelong, rabid devotion to the “Cubbies” is a complete mystery to me.... Read more »

Is Life Fair? Not for Tony, but He Still Trusts God

I discovered this blog, gaysubtlety (written by Tony and Jordan who are both gay and Christian) from a tweet by Steven Gershom. Tony’s struggles with his homosexuality and his Christian faith are honest and from the heart.  I hope you’ll read the whole article entitled “better than fair,” but this excerpt was my favorite part. “But... Read more »