It's Officially Summer Here in Chicago: The Shootings Have Begun

If you are reading this and you don’t live in Chicago, then you may not have heard about the weekend violence.

Looking at the addresses, the violence is all over the city and the age range of the victims is from 16 years old to 50 years old. The 16 year old was sitting on his porch when he was shot and killed! The shootings kick off the beginning of summer which hasn’t even officially started yet.

Some people blame guns, but my guess is that the shooters didn’t have a FOID card and none of the guns involved in the shootings were purchased through legal channels.  It doesn’t appear that anyone was protecting their property or a loved one either.

Others would blame the lack of police protection or the indifference of the police. In the past when I’ve called the police, I have waited far too long for them to get there and then on other occasions, they have arrived literally in seconds.

So how does this happen?  Why does a 16 year old get killed sitting on his own front porch? Mistaken identity? Gee, let’s go out and shoot people! Gang initiation?  There is no answer, because no answer justifies this insanity.

Last spring, the shots were close to home.  A half a block from my house eleven shots rang out. One young man was killed, the other paralyzed for the rest of his life.  The shooter was later caught. Why did he shoot the other two?

Apparently the two young men he shot drove passed him and made some remarks.  They then pulled the car into the mini-mall. Because of those remarks, the shooter walked right up to the car and shot both men.  Just like that. Because they said something he didn’t like.  It is insanity.

Last year, when it happened so close to our house, I prayed for the Precious Blood protection on our neighborhood.  I also prayed to St. Michael the Archangel.  It was peaceful the rest of the summer.

I don’t understand the mindset of someone who shoots randomly at people or someone who shoots someone because they are offended by an offhanded remark.  I realize we are a throw-away society, but this is taking it to the extreme.

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, but I feel my faith being tested every summer by the continuing violence.

Please join me in praying for those that are willing to pick up a gun to kill someone for words spoken or for whatever reason, that their hearts may be changed and turned back to God, or at least a sense of decency.

As of now, it’s the only thing I have to offer.



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  • The way I usually know it's summer here in Chicago is not so much the shootings (there are shootings all year), it's more the group or mob attacks by teenagers on tourists in downtown and around Michigan Ave. There were at least three mob attacks over the weekend which Police Supt. Garry McCarthy cited in an interview. One to a tourist that was assaulted on North State St., then a couple was attacked by State & Lake streets, and another guy was attacked in the Gold Coast. All of the attacks happened relatively early in evenings. The shootings happen all year in the city, it's these mob attacks on tourists and locals that only happen in bulk during the summer. CPD showed they can have a presence during the NATO summit protecting foreign dignitaries, but when it comes to protecting regular Chicagoans..........?

  • Soon it will be kill or be killed in Chicago.

    This is now a post-law period in Chicago, worse than the wild west was supposed to be and far worse than when mobsters like Capone and Moran ruled.

    Lord Mayor Rahm will serve up excuses and banter about, but he is tip-toeing over the issue that Chicago is a deadly place and getting worse by the day. I don't care what they say about statistics, that "crime overall" is going down. Somehow you just do not believe that when bullets are whizzing past.

    I'd say a more fitting effort would be prayers to St. Jude. We have two shrines here in Chicago (that ought to be a clue) and St. Jude watches out for the coppers, who have a thankless job and politicians who do not have their back.

    Hey, Jude, whaz up?

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