It's Not About Eric Holder, It's About Brian Terry

Sometimes while half-listening to the TV, I occasionally zone in on something that someone has said.  I never really paid any attention to the Fast and Furious investigation until I heard Brian Terry’s name.

To be honest, I hadn’t heard his name before.  Now Fast and Furious didn’t mean Eric Holder, it meant Brian Terry.  So I went to the HonorBrianTerry and began to read.

If you haven’t been to this web site, please go visit it.  In our fast and furious information highway, the people behind the stories get lost.  Suddenly, it’s all about politicians and elections and not about families who have lost loved ones.

Reading the story about what happened that December day that ended Brian’s life also revealed the names of the men who tried to save him:  Border Patrol Agents William Castano, Gabriel Fragoza and Timothy Keller.  They lost their lives in their heroic efforts to try and save Brian’s.

The families of these brave men want answers.  They have a right to know what happened.  Our government needs to be held accountable.

While you are visiting the page, sign the petition, sign up for the newsletter for updates or contribute if you can.

Keep Brian Terry’s name in the news and make Eric Holder’s a distant memory.


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  • It is also about the hundreds of Mexicans who have met death at the hands of Eric Holder and President Obama.

    I expect about no reaction to the President's claim of "executive privilege", which, essentially tells us what Obama knew and when he knew it.

    Nobody cares about Terry or the Mexicans, do you? Yes, you! All the Obama supporters who bought the claim about the "most transparent" administration ever.

    Live with the blood. If Obama is re-elected there will be more.

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    Born and raised as a Catholic Republican, I quickly learned the harsh realities of hypocrisy
    Blaming Obama for the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans is absurd. You need to see this for what it is....BOTH the right and left see this as an opportunity to get votes. Many US citizens are blind and follow the game. Our leaders teach us to hate 50% of our fellow countrymen, right or left, take your pick.
    We can honestly say the same ting about the Pat Tillman story. Or maybe the Bush administration was worse because they didn't just hold off on the, they fabricated the story. Many years later we found out the truth.

    Both Rep and Dem presidents do all they can to protect our country and sometimes American lives are the price. Both Rep and Dem presidents want a second term and will do whatever it takes to win the election.
    Let's not be hippocrates here and go balls-out blaming Obamba. That is simply childish when not all the facts are known. If you watch FOX or CNBC, you will get partial truths to support each side. Then you come to the conclusion that its much more complicated than what our favorite TV personality cherry picked.

  • In reply to Bigdog Bruno:

    Dear Bigdog, it was "balls-out" to blame Nixon for Watergate, Reagan for Iran-Contra, Bush One for the Gulf War, Bush Two for September 11, etc. The man, Obama, is the Chief Executive. Harry Truman knew where the buck stopped, but Obama just passes the buck.

    No matter what facts come in, if Obama gets the cred for offing Osama, he takes the heat for Terry's death as well as innocent Mexican citizens.

    Sometimes, it pays to see things though the eyes of a child, where right and wrong are just...that simple.

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Bush Sr. for Gulf War is not a blame. He did what he had to do and used the right players to get the job done right.
    I never blamed Bush Jr for the death of our servicemen overseas. I had to stand by his decision as he was my Commander in Chief. Seeing things through the eyes of a child and coming to an affirmative decision is irresponsible and of course.....childish. Disneyland was my wonderland. I loved the place and it was so magical when I was a kid. But now as an adult, I see the politics involved (city of Anaheim vs. Disney vs. local businesses vs. the Police Dept. Money laundering, bribes, arrests, intimidation). Yes, I have been working for one of the aforementioned for 35 years now. And this is on the local level! Imagine what the world level is Disneyland is still fun but the magic and fantasy is gone. Our media (both sides) feed us magic and fantasy.
    Romney or Obama, I love this country and will not let it get divided through hate. I will support either of the two. As Dick Cheney mentioned on several interviews, the people are better of not knowing what goes on behind the doors of the whitehouse.

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    FYI,I do believe that Eric Holder was aware of Fast and Furious and obviously lied under oath. He's gotta go. We know that Oliver North lied under oath, but are we sure that George Bush Sr also lied under oath? Both Holder and North were protecting their President. We can bring up so many incidents from both sides. What I find so funny is how neither side will admit to their hippocracies. All they care about is to get re-elected. Brian Terry is dead and it's all about the votes. "I hate the right"...."I hate the left"
    Do we really think that we are going to fix our country and economy if either side wins this case? Do we really think this type of scandal will never happen again? If you see things through a child's eyes you will believe what your parents (CNBC and FOX) feed you and these scandals will never happen under their party!

  • In reply to Bigdog Bruno:

    We are not sure what politicians do --lie, don't lie. What we are sure of is that there was no vetting of Obama in 2008, and there is very little criticism of him now.

    The local level of politics is corrupt, just as is the state, just as is the federal. It always has been thus. But now we have a majority of citizens who do not know what most children know from the age of reason -- what is wrong and what is right.

    There will be no justice for Terry's family, nor for the Mexicans. They are collateral damage in the war of lies that has become the United States of America on every political level.

    The country is not "fixable" until it falls; then, unlike Rome, maybe it can restore itself, but I doubt it.

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