A Letter from a Daughter to Her Father on Father's Day

Dear Daddy,

I just wanted to let you know that I love you so much and I am so grateful to be blessed with you as my Dad.

I admire everything you do.  By far you are the most influential person in my life.  You set your goals high and you accomplish them no matter how hard or impossible they seem.  Your determination is commendable.

I’ve always looked up to you, tried to be like you, and be my own person the way you are.  You never follow the crowd and you do what you believe is right.  Especially with our faith, I’ve taken that trait from you.  We both know how hard it is to stick with it, but we know it’s worth it and if no one else is by our side we still try our best to be faithful to God.  I learned that from you.  That’s probably the most valuable thing I’ve learned.

You are so amazing Dad!  I know you’re always so humble, but you really deserve an award or something!  For so many things!  You cook amazing food, you’re singing voice is angelic, you fix cars like it’s nothing, you have the most patience I’ve ever seen, you know at least seven languages, you’re great at every subject, and you’re knowledge and intelligence is out of this world!

You’re outstanding in everything you do!  You have to be worth like 33 billion dollars or something!

I love when you tell me corny jokes and puns and make fun of things.  You make me so happy.  No one has experienced you the way I have.  I’m Daddy’s little girl and our relationship is priceless.  We just get each other.

I’m so blessed to have you and Mom and the relationship we share.  You keep our family together.  More than together, you keep a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, education at our hands, and more than we need to survive.

You’ve worked so hard all your life and I just want you to know that it’s very much appreciated.  We all love you so much.  And even though it may seem we stray away from our family values, we really do listen to you and mom.

You motivate me to do my best in everything and your wisdom is so valuable and appreciated.  That’s why we’re all always bugging you with questions and demand answers.  Man, that sounds exhausting!

You really are strong and patient.  You definitely have a seat waiting for you in heaven.  You should be a Saint!  You made three miracles with Mom anyway.  But you really are a walking Saint.  You give yourself to everyone else and God the best you can.  I admire so much about you and I love you endlessly.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

Oh, and I have a joke!  What do you get when you put an elephant and a rhino together?

Elephino!  (Hell if I know) ahahahahahahahahahahah!




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