Real Discrimination

Usually on my Facebook page things are pretty calm, but every once in a while the conversation gets very heated.  I do have to give everybody credit for keeping things civil though.

I’m usually the one who loses it and has to walk away from the computer!  When I return, those with clearer heads have prevailed and the conversation dies down.  That’s when I post something funny.  It clears the air and everyone seems to go back to being happy Catholics.

Gay or same-sex marriage is the current divisive topic among Catholics.  After I posted this article the proverbial sh*t hit the fan.

Afterward, Michael Voris’ video arrived in my mail box and one of my readers found this article for me:  Homosexual So-Called “Marriage.”

I don’t know if either the video or the article will change anybody’s mind.  Both gave me some clarity as my emotions and anger were getting the best of me.

From my own point of view, I would never defile what someone else deemed sacred.  If I walked past a Mosque, synagogue or a church of a different denomination other than Catholic, and saw a sign that said something I didn’t agree with, I would keep walking.  It is their right to put their views on their property as they see fit.  I would not call them and threaten them.

It’s called freedom of speech and the right to worship as we see fit and I pray we’re not losing it.



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    This story about exercising "freedom of speech" and how gays (woops, sorry, homo-sexuals) are the real haters because they object to the church sign reminds me of a challenge I once heard issued to gays (homo-sexuals). Dress up in drag and drive a pink van with a sign that says "Gay is Good" across the state of Texas. It doesn't take a genius to know that such expression of freedom of speech would get this gay (homo-sexual) killed, probably as soon as he left the parking lot to begin the trip. This article purports to talk about "real" discrimination when a church puts out an offensive sign to gays. It's the same (but not as inflammatory) as the Westboro Baptist church exercising its "freedom of speech" to attend the funerals of soldiers, with signs that say "God Hates Fags." Like this writer, I mourn the fact that the exercise of freedom of speech brings over-the-top threats of physical harm, but unlike this writer, I think the motivations behind the churches exercising such examples of freedom of speech is to cause hurt and pain and engender anger. No one would be surprised if the driver of the pink van were killed (I mean, after all, what did he expect?), and so I don't think it's any surprise that the church sign or the signs like "God Hates Fags" under the guise of freedom of speech also engenders anger. That's the whole point of such church signs. To deny this is disingenuous.

  • Why the *? I've read worse words on ChicagoNow.

    BTW, the sign is incorrect. Two man can be both friends and spouses.

    In any event, isn't it for God to judge?

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