Navigating My New Smart Phone













I no longer have a dumb phone.  After years of salivating over the iPhone, I waited till my upgrade, and snagged a deal at Best Buy.  $50!

So now what do I do?  My phone has always been just my phone.  I never used it for anything else and only turned it on when I was actually away from home.  So now I have something that, well, does more than I probably need.

At first, I couldn’t even make a phone call.  After I figured that out, I thought, “Now what do I do?”

(Insert heavenly music here with angelic voices.)  Apps!

I clicked the app for that, and there I was staring at endless applications for all sorts of things:  games, reference, books, weather and music and it just went on and on and on!

So what did I get?  Twitter, Facebook, HootSuite, my bank, my favorite game site and of course a flashlight.

Then I thought I might need the app for my nook.  That way I would have access to my books if I didn’t have my eReader with me.

Mm … what else?

(Insert more heavenly music and angelic voices.)  I need Catholic apps!

So I got the app for the Magnificat.  Because I’m a subscriber, I can read it online free!  iMissal has a “bundle” that includes the complete Missal, daily bible verses, prayers and a Catholic news feed.  It’s $4.99 on sale, but I think I’ll wait on that one.

And then I remembered a friend told me she has a rosary on her iPhone!

(Time for more heavenly music and angelic voices which might be getting a bit annoying at this point.)

I actually sprung a whole $1.99 for this one.  But it’s pretty awesome.  You can choose the background, you can choose the meditation music and (the biggest selling point for me) you can choose the color of the beads, choose your center medal and crucifix!

This virtual rosary was a real experience for me.  As you move the bead, each prayer comes up and it keeps track of where you are at and saves your place if you get interrupted or can’t finish.  I prefer the one my BFF gave me, but I don’t carry that one around.

So now I’m cruising Facebook and I accidentally save a picture:

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

How did I do that?  Not that it’s a bad picture.  It’s a wonderful and beautiful picture!  (Thank you Vicky Evans!)  But what do I do with it?  Ah!  Wallpaper for my phone!  Excellent!  I figured it out all by myself how to do that!

(I hear the heavenly music and angelic voices again, but that’s okay!)

So now what?  Mm … lots of clutter with even the few apps I have so my son taught me how to group them together and make folders!  Cool!  This is fun!

In a conversation with my daughter (who’s had an iPhone forever – thanks to an older brother – AND is grandfathered in for unlimited internet access), I’m relating all the above.  When I’m done, she smiles lovingly and shakes her head, “You’re so addicted.”

What?  I am not!  I can stop playing with it any time I want!  I think.  Or until the next mobile phone bill comes in.

Oh-oh.  I don’t hear the heavenly music and the angelic voices.  This can’t be good.

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