How Will You Honor Mary this Month?

“At the cross her station keeping/ Stood the mournful Mother weeping/ Close to Jesus at the last.”  From the thirteenth-century Latin hymn known as the Stabat Mater:  “‘The mother was standing.” – May issue of Magnificat

I remember being with my oldest son and one of his friends at the movies watching Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.  There is a scene where Mary rushes through the streets to reach Jesus as he carries the cross.  I nearly lost it sitting between those two young men while watching that.

As any mother would, Mary suffered along with her child, but she also knew that suffering was coming from the day she said “yes” to it all.

How utterly and completely brave of this young (and most likely) uneducated woman to say “yes.”  She was unselfish and had total trust in God – two things that I struggle with on a daily basis.

How will you honor Mary this month?  Pray the rosary?  Wear a Miraculous Medal?

I think I’ll work on my selfishness and my trust in God.

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