A Comparison: The Life of Emily and The Life of Julia

One is real life.  The other is not.  Some people promote a fantasy while some of us are living in the real world.

The Life of Emily:

(Above picture is from Emily Stimpson’s blog.)

vs. the Life of Julia:


(Above picture is from the Huffington Post.)



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  • The Life of Julia is the future. She is a FedBaby. Because Obama will be re-elected, we can expect more "forward" looking state propaganda from the Daddy-in-Chief.

    (Prayer of St. Julia -of -the -Fed)

    Our Father, who art in DC
    Please, please look after me.
    Give me your bread and your government cheese,
    Take me thru school and dating and kids,
    into dotage and meds -- and please,
    my panel to take me when I too burden the grid.

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