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Why go to Mass?

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I found this video on  If you can, download it onto your phone and the next time a CINO (Catholic in Name Only) starts giving you reasons why they’re don’t go to church, let them watch this.

Navigating My New Smart Phone

                        I no longer have a dumb phone.  After years of salivating over the iPhone, I waited till my upgrade, and snagged a deal at Best Buy.  $50! So now what do I do?  My phone has always been just my phone.  I never... Read more »

Cardinal Wuerl on the HHS Mandate Lawsuits

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Since the majority of the media seems hell-bent on ignoring the lawsuits filed because of the HHS Mandate, why don’t we just pass this video of Cardinal Wuerl around to let everyone know the Church’s position?

God of Our Fathers - Memorial Day 2012

God of our fathers, whose almighty hand Leads forth in beauty all the starry band Of shining worlds in splendor through the skies, Our grateful songs before your throne arise. Your love divine has led us in the past, In this free land by you our lot is cast; You are our ruler, guardian guide... Read more »

The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Wisdom – this helps us to bear our burdens in life to treat our sisters and brothers with patience and charity and to see the world in light of our Faith; Understanding – this gift allows us to see the world and our life in it within God’s law and our soul’s relation to God.  Essentially it... Read more »

Getsemaní - La Voz del Desierto

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It’s a long weekend, let’s rock and roll with some very talented priests!

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Yes He does. Recently I went on a job interview.  The only reason I did was because the job was within walking distance of my house.  It was a multi-purpose opportunity.  I could get my exercise in and use my big, bad SUV a lot less. The phone interview went well and I got the... Read more »

Prayer to Our Lady of Sheshan by Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI wrote this prayer in 2008 and asked that Christians throughout the world recite it on May 24. Virgin Most Holy, Mother of the Incarnate Word and our mother, venerated in the Shrine of Sheshan under the title “Help of Christians,” the entire Church in China looks to you with devout affection.  We... Read more »

Silence and Word

          From On Wednesday, May 23, we’re asking you to take a one-day break from posting on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, etc. … and use that day to reflect on the Pope’s words about the role of silence in communication and evangelization. Then, on Thursday, May 24, please... Read more »

The New Evangelization of the Catholic Church

In a strange way, I’ve always admired the Jehovah Witnesses and other people of faith who went door to door to evangelize.  That takes guts that I just don’t have. My father-in-law relished any knock on the door that challenged his Catholic beliefs.  He would whip out his bible and go head-to-head with anyone who... Read more »