Our Blessed Lord and the Hobbit

When I was in high school everyone was reading The Lord of the Rings.  I think I picked it up once but soon abandoned it.  Fantasy was never my thing.  And to this day, I haven’t read it.

I have always loved to read until I got to high school.  Reading “literature” killed it for me.  I didn’t pick up a book until I started working for one of the utility companies after graduation.

I worked in a “stenographer pool.”  We typed up correspondence or large projects for different departments.  One girl would start reading a book and slowly, we all started reading it.  We never called it a book club even though we would discuss it as we read.

During that time we read The Godfather, The Exorcist, romance novels, anything by Irving Wallace and a myriad of other authors.  Sad to say, we also read The Happy Hooker.  Hey, we were all twenty-somethings!  But that experience of sharing a good book with friends, once again ignited my love for reading.

When Number One son gave me a nook as a present, I revisited some of the literature that killed my love for reading.  It was a totally different experience this time around.

Only recently did I find out that J. R. Tolkien was Catholic and that the book is a reflection of the Catholic faith.

After watching this video, I’m more intrigued.  I guess I better put that book on the “bucket list.”



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