Jane, You Ignorant Fluke!

“Back in the day” (when SNL was funny) my friends and I would gather around the TV to watch Saturday Night Live.  On first hearing Dan Ackroyd proclaim these now famous words, “Jane, you ignorant slut!,” my friends and I just about died!  For weeks and months it was the catch phrase.  Guys said it to girls.  Girls said it to guys.

Despite the word’s meaning the whole thing was hilarious and no one took offense.

Times have changed.  In our increasingly politically correct world, you can’t call a duck a duck.   Actually you can call a woman the c-word without apology or repercussions if you are on one side of the political spectrum and not another.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has an excellent idea on how to change all that.

“Girls like that could just be called ‘flukes’ in the future.”


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  • Pam, I'm not quite sure what you're saying by this: "In our increasingly politically correct world, you can't call a duck a duck."

    Is your point that Sandra Fluke is a slut and those who called her it were bullied into not using the word they want to use?

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Pretty much.

  • I don't think the issue here is the words themselves; rather, it is their context. Frankly, I would think a Catholic site would be among the last to defend a text without first understanding the context. In Limbaugh's case, virtually all of his CONTEXT cheapens his TEXT. A silly little man whose raging has become all to virulent, and has sorely strained the value of free speech

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