How "The Pill" works as an Abortifacient

I was on “The Pill” in the early 70’s for about two years.  I started having migraines so I went to the doctor.  He immediately took me off “The Pill.”

I sat in stunned silence.  What were we supposed to use?  “We” meaning my fiance and me.  You see, I had a ring, but no date.  I found out later that I was the one who was committed to the relationship, not him.

Those two years cost me nearly 15 years of migraines.  That was the physical part of it.  I wasn’t Catholic then and I had no idea what I was doing to my soul.

I wasn’t using “The Pill” for medicinal reasons.  To put it bluntly, I wanted to have sex with a guy I thought I was eventually going to marry and having a child was not in our plan.  Actually our plan was to not have children.  Ever.

“The Pill” was supposed to revolutionize relationships and it did.  It was supposed to give the choice to women to keep from having an “unwanted” pregnancy.  It was supposed to save us from getting pregnant either with Mr. Right or just Mr. Right Now.

But isn’t sleeping with a man who you don’t love and who you know doesn’t love you a form of self-abuse?  Isn’t sleeping around with several men self-abuse?  Doesn’t it turn women into the very men we claim are dogs?

The abortifacient aspect of “The Pill” is one of a long list of things we as women may be doing to ourselves.

“When a woman’s love becomes venal, everything is lost.  When it is kept noble, it brings to the world the balm of tenderness and devotion.  The level of any civilization is thus the level of its womanhood.” – Archbishop Fulton Sheen


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