A Rush to Judgment: Camera Hounds Rev. Al Sharpton & Rev. Jesse Jackson Jump on the Trayvon Martin Case

Over the years, whenever Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson got involved in a high publicity story, I would start cringing.  The self-serving and so-called “black leaders” ignore so many things going on in the black community that their shameless bandwagon of self-promotion is pathetic.

Have you ever seen either of them at a pro-life rally with Dr. Alveda King to denounce the killing of black children?

While my husband channel surfed, he stopped at this video of Sean Hannity interviewing Joe Oliver, a friend of George Zimmerman.  The chilling part is where Hannity tells Joe that Spike Lee has sent George Zimmerman’s address out to the public.

I’m afraid that even when the “truth” does come out, both Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton will ride this wave of publicity for as long as it keeps the camera on both of them.

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