Happy Fat, Paczki (Poonchkie) or Shrove Tuesday! (And What I'm Going to Try and Give Up for Lent)

Whatever you want to call it, today is the last hurrah before Lent!  Indulgences, excesses and debauchery!

Debauchery?  Okay, let’s not go there …

What will I “give up” for Lent?

1.  Television? (I can do that, I don’t watch that much anyway.)

2.  Internet?  (Oh, God, no!  That’s out of the question!)

3.  Sweets?  (I can do that.  I think.)

4.  Meat on Fridays?  (Trying to cut back anyway.)

5.  Alcohol?  (Sure.)

6.  Fasting?  (Well … Archbishop Fulton Sheen said he couldn’t do it either!)

7.  Swearing?  (D*mn, I just dropped … oops!  Okay, I’m sorry, I’ll TRY!)

8.  Gossip?  (I’m pretty good about that unless I need to vent about someone.)

9.  Angry thoughts when someone ticks me off?  (See #6.)

10.  Shopping?  (Only if I don’t see it on sale.)

My list could go on and on.  Lent is about sacrificing, but it’s also about change.  If I can implement something for 40 days, it just might stick and that’s the blessing that will come from all my efforts.

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