Priest Gives Obama's Mandate "The Finger (?)"

Yep.  You read the headline right.  Now watch.


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  • The clergy goes digital.

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    "Like." ;-)

  • Like most of the debate on this subject - it entirely misses the point. The issue becomes important and relevant because these large organizations employ people of many different faiths. It's not about asking Catholics to change their values. It's about asking Catholics (or any other religious groups) to provide their workers with rights equivalent to other large organizations. It's to do with employment law. Until you address that issue all the rest is just hot air.

    He's a good presenter - and it is a fun and effective way of grabbing attention (he suckered this aetheist right in to watching the whole piece) but he's barking up the wrong tree....

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    I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to watch the video. ;-)

  • Abortions are down in this country because of two things, contraception and the decamation of the young males of color by an injust system. As a victim of sexual abuse by a seminarian during my middle school years, I find it odd that these men/priests want to even get into the lives and bodies of women, when they have still not dealt with their own defiling of young boys and occasionally young girls. If Fr. Leo Patalinghug really cares about life, where is his creative video about his stance on the past and present sexual/spiritual destruction of young peoples lives by many of his colleagues and superiors? (Hmmm? Is "infantacide" (your term) a greater sin than toddler-cide, child-cide, adolacide (my new terms)?)

    Finally, as an employee of a tax exempt organization, many of us who end up paying extra taxes so you can have your freedom to pray, speak, and assemble, do you have any cute, creative videos on other issues of the day like:
    1. Health Care for all?
    2. One of Obama's opponents says he doesn't care about the poor.
    3. All of his Republican opponents are for the death penalty, do you place greater value on the life of the fertilized egg than that of a living person?

    Finally, finally, what kind of example is your use of the "finger" gesture for the youngsters of your church? Any kid over the age of 7 will read into what you are saying in this video. Is this the values of the man called Jesus?


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