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Standing Up For Our Religious Freedom

I received this press release the other day.  If you cannot be there, please set aside some time during your day to pray for those who will. Chicago, Illinois—The controversy over President Obama’s HHS Mandate is now pouring out onto the streets. On March 23, concerned citizens in over 50 cities—including Washington D.C., New York,... Read more »

A Review of the Ten Commandments

1. I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before me. Strange is probably a good word for it in our times.  This could be any number of things:  money, sex or material things.  I think it’s common sense that if something is consuming you, you are putting it before God.... Read more »

Who's Responsible for Teaching the Faith?

Sunday’s (February 19) Tribune article by Rex W. Huppke entitled Contraception debate neglects Catholics at odds with doctrine has been in the back of my mind since reading it.  But it’s not the part of Catholics being at odds with the Church’s doctrine that struck a chord with me.  It’s Huppke’s statement: “Before my wife and... Read more »

On Writing and Ranting

“What I don’t understand, Stevie,” she said, “is why you’d write junk like this in the first place.  You’re talented.  Why do you want to waste your abilities?”  She had rolled up a copy of V.I.B. #1 and was brandishing it at me the way a person might brandish a rolled-up newspaper at a dog... Read more »

Sunday Night Live - How to Study the Bible - Fr. Groeschel with Livinia Spirito - 07-25-2010

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“Back in the day” Catholics weren’t encouraged to read the Bible, but that’s changed. Lent is a good time to read scripture.  You can read the daily readings here.  If you haven’t read a Bible in a while this is a great time to become reacquainted with it. But who better to get you started... Read more »

Priest Gives Obama's Mandate "The Finger (?)"

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Yep.  You read the headline right.  Now watch.

Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes

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In case you need a short explanation of why you’re walking around with a black smudge on your forehead.  😉

Lent is Serious: This Time of Forty Days by Nick Alexander

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Lent is serious business.  It is a time of sacrifice and looking deep within.  It is walking through the desert, like our Lord did, while being tempted by the very things we are trying to give up.  No meat, no sweets, being nice to those who are not nice to us.  Perhaps venturing out of... Read more »

Happy Fat, Paczki (Poonchkie) or Shrove Tuesday! (And What I'm Going to Try and Give Up for Lent)

Whatever you want to call it, today is the last hurrah before Lent!  Indulgences, excesses and debauchery! Debauchery?  Okay, let’s not go there … What will I “give up” for Lent? 1.  Television? (I can do that, I don’t watch that much anyway.) 2.  Internet?  (Oh, God, no!  That’s out of the question!) 3.  Sweets?... Read more »

"Everything is Possible to One Who Has Faith"

“Everything is possible to one who has faith,” for faith endows us with the wisdom from above that is ‘pure, peaceable, gentle, compliant, full of mercy.'”  Prayer exorcises the jealousy and the selfish ambition that wreak disorder and gives “wisdom to the simple.” – February’s Magnificat and The Letter of St. James 3:13-18 As Lent... Read more »