"Everything is Possible to One Who Has Faith"

“Everything is possible to one who has faith,” for faith endows us with the wisdom from above that is ‘pure, peaceable, gentle, compliant, full of mercy.'”  Prayer exorcises the jealousy and the selfish ambition that wreak disorder and gives “wisdom to the simple.” – February’s Magnificat and The Letter of St. James 3:13-18

As Lent approaches, I find myself looking forward to it.  It’s not that I “dread” Lent or anything like that, but I usually approach it as an inevitable that I have to deal with.  Sometimes I plan what I’m going to do and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes the plan comes together and sometimes it falls apart.

This year it seems to be coming together fast.  Things that I didn’t plan are cropping up and my husband and I have a chance to worship with a new community that has welcomed and embraced us.  The possibilities seem endless.

One of my passions is reading.  I eagerly awaited the publication of Magnificat’s Lenten Companion 2012 (also available for Kindle) and snapped it up.  Another book called The Gargolyle Code by Fr. Dwight Longenecker came to my attention so I ordered that.

The above quote from February’s Magnifcat brought to mind my own prayer life.  Not too long ago, I went back to saying the Rosary every day (after receiving a beautiful new one – pictured – from my BFF).  That new habit has strengthened and empowered my faith more than I could ever have imagined.

Lent can be a challenge, but as Catholics, we’re well equipped to handle those challenges.

Have a good Lent!



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