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Martha's Dream by Alberto Boccino

MARTHA’S DREAM… is a Pro-Life Poem. The Unborn Child tells his own Story told from within his Mother’s Womb. Martha his mother, is confused and frustrated because he was not planned. She consults with an Abortion Clinic but is then shown God’s Truth and Love; ~ through the Prayers and Actions of Pro-Life Defenders of Human Life ~... Read more »

If I Were Not Catholic...

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I remember watching Archbishop Fulton Sheen as a little girl.  Little did I know I would join the Church years later.

Fr. Barron comments on "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus"

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If you haven’t seen the original, you can view it here: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus Or check out another video by Fr. Pontifex from Why I Love Religion, And Love Jesus      

Mark Wahlberg on Faith, Family, Hard Work, and What He Prays For

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Since I’m not a celebrity follower, I had no idea that Mark Wahlberg was Catholic.  I had seen an interview with him years ago describing his gang banging days and jail time and never thought anything of it. After seeing this clip, I have a new respect for the man.  He did change his life... Read more »

On The Way To Becoming Who I Am by Dr. Alfreda King

Just the other day, I caught myself judging others Oh, brother I can’t begin to tell you the pitfalls of such folly Oh golly! There was the young lady with the weave of purple hair How can she dare? I wondered, with my skirt split up my thigh, Oh, my.  I had an excuse of... Read more »

Keeping the Sabbath

Today’s Gospel talks about “keeping the Sabbath.”  Over the years, I think we’ve lost sight of that. I remember when I was growing up everything was closed on Sunday.  Grocery stores, retail, everything.  Our home was not a religious one, so we didn’t attend any kind of services.  Some of our neighbors did. I remember as... Read more »

The Golden Globes and Living the Dream

Did you watch the Golden Globes?  I didn’t.  When I got up this morning, the Chicago Tribune and other online media were full of stories about last night’s award show.  Stories of who was wearing what and how Ricky Gervais “got it just right.”  Huh? I dislike celebrities.  Even if I like someone’s work as an actor or... Read more »

Who are the Eli's in Your Life?

Our pastor’s homily told us about the importance of Eli in today’s first reading (Samuel 3:10, 19).  When Samuel kept running to Eli, it was Eli that realized that it was the Lord who was calling Samuel.  Our pastor asked us, “Who are the Eli’s in your life?” Interesting question isn’t it?  Who points you... Read more »

Can you tell the difference?? Sacred music vs. secular music at Mass.

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I have to be honest.  I have serious issues with the push for “sacred” music.  My husband and I have been reading a lot about the return of chant and not allowing certain instruments to be played in church. We offered to donate an electronic piano to a church.  The parish wouldn’t have to pay... Read more »

Was Jesus a 'Funny Guy'?

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I always felt that Jesus must have had a sense of humor.  Why would anyone follow Him around for three years if He didn’t? I wrote a post about this last year.  What do you think? And thanks to Warren for posting this clip.  😉