On The Way To Becoming Who I Am by Dr. Alfreda King

Just the other day, I caught myself judging others
Oh, brother
I can’t begin to tell you the pitfalls of such folly
Oh golly!
There was the young lady with the weave of purple hair
How can she dare?
I wondered, with my skirt split up my thigh,
Oh, my.  I had an excuse of course, the thread just popped, you know.
Surely that wasn’t the same as the young huzzy in the hall.
What gall!
Just then, a still small voice 
Reminded me of my purple rain spree years ago
Pregnant was I no less 
Purple hair and purple dress
What was I thinking, God bless?
Suddenly the purple girl was revealed as who she is
From the reality of who I once was!
All fire and passion and potential to become
A wonderful woman of God.
Oh beware of the snare of judging others
There are usually little green monsters lurking
Behind the self righteous indignation that
Creeps into our awareness as we wonder
And reflect upon the sins of those other
Fellow human beings that cross our paths
In the ever increasing years of our earth journey.
As I continue along the road of becoming
Who I am, and what I’ll be I can’t help wondering if others
See my Lord Jesus Christ in me?
Lord help me not to judge, and keep me free from sin
And wrap your children in your love
And life that never ends.
From her book:  How Can the Dream Survive if We Murder the Children?


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