"Little Girl, I Say to You, Arise!"

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus takes the hand of a little girl who has died and tells her to get up.  To the astonishment of her parents and others in the room, the little girl (who is around twelve according to scripture) immediately gets up and walks around!

My childhood was not fun and sometimes I wonder if I had answered the call of Jesus to arise earlier, my life may have been a little different.  I don’t have regrets necessarily, I just wonder.

I’m from an era where there was a lot of talk about “healing your inner child.”  Those of us who suffered abuse probably spent a lot of time in therapy trying to get passed old wounds.  What I went through pales in comparison to some people.

Then there are those who use their past as an excuse for their current behavior and that wears thin after a while.  To those who continue to do that, I’d like to quote the Eagles, “I’d like to find your inner child and kick it’s little ass.”

My interpretation of today’s scripture might seem like a stretch, but I think Christ is calling us every day to arise and walk around and amaze the rest of the world!


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