I Was Turned Down by Google AdSense for Pornographic Content!

A few days ago I put in an application to Google AdSense to be on my blog.  What that means is there would be an ad on my blog, and if you click on that ad, I would get paid a little bit.  I don’t get paid now, so I thought it might be worth a shot.

I waited patiently as other bloggers got approved within hours in some cases or days.  I finally contacted them and this was the response I got:

“Your ads are not serving to your site is because we have noticed you have
negative or pornographic content.  Please remove this content and allow 48
hours for ads to begin serving.  If you believe that your site has been
flagged incorrectly please let me know.

Our system has filters in place to protect our advertisers from
advertising on pages that could be construed as potentially negative,
non-family safe or even offensive. Although the nature of your content may
not fit into any of these categories, emphasizing some sensitive subject
matters on a page can occasionally flag our servers to display no ads.”

I’ve been writing this blog since November of 2010.  I’ve never used a swear word in the headline.  I’ve never put up an inappropriate picture.  I have, however, written about being Catholic and what that has meant to me, my family and friends.

I have written about abortion and the scandal within our Church involving sexual misconduct by our priests.  I wrote about my great niece making her First Communion and I’ve written about our choir’s struggles to find another parish after our Pastor forced us out.  I’ve written about the new translation and a myriad of other topics related to my Catholic faith.

Potentially negative, non-family safe or offensive to their advertisers?  It that’s the case, I have two words for Google AdSense and they are not God bless.


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  • I love this! take that google! :)

  • In reply to Vicki:

    Thanks Vicki!

  • it's probably something as innoculous as the word "Virgin" coming up too many times in a hits count.

  • In reply to darkangel:

    No, just idiots.

  • Prepare to go viral!

    This is too much. Remember "do no evil", their happy, sappy, tag-line to give people the warm-n-fuzzies?

  • So, have you bothered to contact Google to appeal, or is this just more righteous indignation from a religion blogger?

    The thing is, usually when someone says they "put their (anything) in (anyone)", that doesn't usually mean "faith" in "God". "Virgin" and "rape" are also big red flags.

    A person did not categorize your site, a program did. It made a mistake. No big deal, that's *exactly* why Google has people who can override the decision of the program.

  • In reply to johnOi:

    "No big deal, that's *exactly* why Google has people who can override the decision of the program."

    Having dealt with Google trying to resolve issues related to a brick-and-mortar location, including listing someone else as owner and providing wrong address information, I can attest that they are not motivated to fix problems. However, they happily solicit advertising from me, and telephone my home number asking that I contact them regarding the business.

  • In reply to RDaley:

    Another wrong-headed comment from RDaley. Why would Google decline to post ads on the site if they weren't protecting their advertisers? It's money in their pocket too. The blogger who voluntarily chose to address controversial topics such as the repeated, systematic rape of children by church hierarchy, also chose to create an environment that Google's advertisers don't want to associate with. The blogger created her/his own problem and Google is making the right choice. Oh yeah, choice. Blogger thinks women and Google shouldn't have one, eh?

  • "So because you have a blog, you're entitled to free money from Google?"

    No. The author merely wants to be paid for services rendered as stated in the Google contract.

    Nothing free.

    "Nobody owes you anything. Kudos to Google for..." their hypocritic stance regarding censorship on the web?

    SOPA, PIPA anyone?

  • In reply to RDaley:

    Censorship doesn't apply when they are protecting their advertisers from objectionable material. Just because you want to spew your Catholic garbage to the web does not obligate anyone to read or serve ads to it. According to your world-class moronic post and the completely brainless basis for this entire article, Google should be required to serve ads on the Westboro Baptist Church web site too. Can you see the light of day with your head that far in... uhh... the sand?

  • In reply to jarizzo:

    But of course you feel free to spew your garbage and not give some else their free speech rights?! I think your head is certainly far up yours!

  • In reply to sjbswside:

    I'm not demanding profits from Google, dum-dum!

  • Okay, so I'm stupid.

    Point me to the author's defense of those behaviors and the post where she says women and Google should have no choice.

  • That's terrible if they really think your talking about Catholic things is negative. It might be, as some others say, a word like virgin or something. Did you follow up with them? I'll be interested. If it is because it's religion, that's downright discriminatory.

  • In reply to bridg12:

    I resubmitted, but I'm not hopeful. I also find it interesting that a fellow blogger here, told me she uses the "F" word and she got accepted. Nice, huh?

  • Great Report! I post my own Adsense Free Blog offering this AM.

    God Bless!

  • In reply to PatHickey:

    Thank you for the support! I read your article and I appreciate it.

  • UPDATE: I've been accepted. ;-)

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