Every Day Conversion

Did you ever hear the expression, “When God closes a door, His Mother opens a window?”  Sometimes I say, “When God taps you on the shoulder and you don’t pay attention, His Mother will throw the brick!”  (Okay, so maybe Our Lady wouldn’t exactly throw a brick.  Maybe, Our Dear Mother taps us on the shoulder and God throws the brick!)

That’s what happened to Saul (St. Paul) when God blinded him and then sent Ananias to heal him.  God knew he had to get Saul’s attention in a dramatic way in order for Saul to convert.

My conversion story is not quite that dramatic, but after dating a series of losers, the Lord saw fit to send me a Catholic man, who actually lived his faith.  THAT got my attention!

Even if you are a Cradle Catholic, you’ve probably had moments of conversion.  Maybe you were away from the Church for a long time and a family member’s illness (or your own) brought you back because you were so afraid.  Or maybe you just saw someone in the grocery story, clutching a rosary as they shopped that made you pick up your own rosary when you returned home.

In the every day of our lives, there are many signs of conversion, calling us back to God.  We just have to pay attention before SOMEONE throws that brick!


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