WARNING: Depressing Article on Christmas Family Traditions!

I know it’s the season to be “merry,” but while trimming the tree yesterday, I had some ugly memories of Christmases past.  My parents fought over the tree every year.  It was ridiculous.  Each year though, I would try to look forward to putting up the tree and decorating it.  I was always hopeful that this year would be the year that things would magically be different, but it never was.

I would try and help decorate the tree, but you know, I just couldn’t even hang an ornament right according to my mother.

So did I continue the tradition of screaming over the tree with my family?  No.  It might seem like a little thing, but those fights are forever etched in my memory.  It’s not like I think about it 24/7, but occasionally, around this time of year, I do remember.

Becoming Catholic had a huge impact on the way I parented.  I prayed daily for the help of the Blessed Mother.  I was terrified that I would hand down “family traditions.”  Not that I didn’t make mistakes, but I wasn’t about to do to my kids what was done to me.  Our Lady was with me every day while raising my children and she still is.

So when I read articles like this, I can’t imagine what’s going on in an adult’s mind that could provoke someone into doing this to their own child.

What family “traditions” are you handing down?

There are many parents out there that use their religion to justify abuse.  And I do believe in God’s forgiveness, but I would like to think there’s a special place in hell for those who abuse their own children.



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  • Yep, I too hoped for the one year we could actually trim the tree like they always seemed to on the Rockwell paintings. Never happened. To this day I always mention to my wife, when we are stringing our lights, that this would be about the time the yelling would start.

    And yep, drop those two idiots in a pen filled with pit bulls deemed "too violent to be adopted". Lock the gate, don't look back.

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