PETA Has Gone Beyond Loony

I love animals.  I got my first dog when I was six.

But as much as I love animals, I think PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has lost their mind.  A recent article about PETA’s latest ad had my head spinning and my stomach churning!

Matthew Archbold’s (of the National Catholic Register) article hits the nail directly on the head.  We as a society don’t treat our children well.  From abortion to finding babies in dumpsters to horrific acts of child abuse, we are no longer shocked at how we treat our children.

The consumerism of pet care has gotten a little far-fetched, too.   My parents would NEVER put a dog of ours in “doggy day care.”  That dog better learn to stay by itself while we were out.  Period.  Fortunately, my Dad was the original Dog Whisperer.

When one of our many dachshunds had a back problem, the vet advised thousands of dollars of treatments (with no guarantee of recovery).  My parents were already on a fixed income.  At first they tried home therapy, but it became obvious that their beloved little dog was not getting better.

The decision was made to put the dog down.  My father was the one who did that.  It was never easy, but with that particular dog, he leaned against the car and wept like a baby when it was over.

My kids grew up with cats and dogs and they learned to treat their pets with love and compassion.  As much as my children love animals, those animals would never be put in higher regard than human life.

Matthew Archbold is right.  PETA just tries to get attention by showing the world just how loony they’ve become.  The scary things is, there are people who support them.


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  • Good post. The people with animal manias lack perspective.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Thank you!

  • On my blog about animal rights I pointed some of this out and I called some racial slurs for my trouble.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Evan, I am so sorry!

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