No, I am Not Shopping on Black Friday

Are you going shopping today?  Did you go out at midnight?  Did you get up at 3 AM?  Did you scour the sales papers for the best deals?  Were you triumphant when you stood in line and got the bargain you had hoped for?

Not me.  I am staying home, staring at my laptop, writing or playing mindless games.  Oh, and learning how to use Twitter.

As much as I like to shop, I can’t do it on Black Friday.  My perfect shopping day is going out on my day off (in the middle of the week) and doing a little digging.  I might go to a favorite mall and go to a high end store and see what they have on clearance.  Then I have a nice leisurely lunch.

Today, I’m going to relax a little and let the shopping world pass me by.  Besides the activities I mentioned above, I have my brand new Magnificat, I just downloaded Magnificat Advent Companion 2011 to my nook and maybe I’ll finish Killing Lincoln later in the evening.  Oh, and we have have those pesky new Mass parts to practice for Church Saturday.

Whatever you do today, I hope you take care of your spirit first and carry that with you through this Advent season.

For me, it’s going to be an excellent Black Friday!

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