Lovely Lady: Keep Teaching Me How to Pray

Dearest Mother,

Today, on the feast day of your presentation, I believe all our thoughts are geared toward the upcoming holidays.  People are preparing to cook this week and to start their shopping for a gift-giving holiday that is supposed to celebrate the birth of your Son.

I know you like being in the background.  It is your nature.  The focus for you has always been your Son, the celebration of His birth, His ministry, His suffering and His triumph over death and our sins.

As I was reading about your presentation, I thought about how you presented yourself to me.  I had just converted, been baptized, had my First Holy Communion and had been Confirmed.  I was an eager Catholic, trying to soak it in all at once.  My future brother-in-law gave me a copy of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s The World’s First Love:  Mary, Mother of God.

I was fascinated and intrigued by you.  I still am.  Nearly 30 years have passed since then and you are still teaching me how to pray.

Your Daughter

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