Voice of a Saint: Teresa of Avila

A friend was surprised to find St. Teresa gorging herself on a partridge.  “What would people think?” she asked.  “Let them think whatever they want,” said Teresa.  “There’s a time for penance, and there’s a time for partridge.”

There’s no doubt St. Teresa was practical in living a Christian lifestyle.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!  But she also gets to the heart of things as well in explaining what Our Lord truly wants of all of us:

“What the Lord desires is works.  If you see a sick woman to whom you can give some help, never be affected by the fear that your devotions will suffer, but take pity on her:  if she is in pain, you should feel pain too; if necessary, fast so that she may have your food, not so much for her sake as because you know it to be your Lord’s will.  That is true union with his will.”

Read more about St. Teresa of Avila here and consider reading her own words.

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