October Belonged to Mary First

I have gone back to praying the rosary every day.  Usually at night before I go to bed.  The rosary is a prayer that I can easily get lost in.  I can lose my place, lose my focus or even drop it and wonder which bead I’m on!

My Rosary

Recently I’ve noticed that as I’m praying people will come to mind.  Some completely out of the blue.  Maybe someone I hadn’t thought of in years.  I’ve decided that perhaps that’s Our Blessed Mother’s way of telling me who needs prayer.  So I go with the flow.

Occasionally someone will come to mind that I have issues with.  It might be someone I’ve had a disagreement with and I am stuck with hard feelings.  To be honest, I stew a bit on this.  Why should I pray for someone who has hurt me?  There are perfectly nice people out there that I can be praying for.  People who are worthy of my prayers!

Oh-oh.  I said it.  Prayer-worthy.  That’s a lofty thought on my part isn’t it?  My prayers are special and I will pray for those I feel are worthy of them.  But that’s not the idea of praying for someone else.

As I reluctantly pray for those that I’m not happy with, I release my hurt.  My hurt gets woven into those beads and absorbed by my prayers.  When the rosary is finished, I can smile.  I let it go.  My perceived hurt is less though not forgotten.  I have a new perspective.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Bullying Prevention Month.  But October is also the month of Our Lady and her rosary.

If you haven’t prayed a rosary in a while, please go back to this sacred devotion. As Blessed Pope John Paul II said, “The Blessed Rosary of Mary, sweet chain linking us to God!”

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