Get it Through Your Heads: Athletes Are Not Role Models!

Thursday’s Chicago Tribune’s front page was strewn with articles about the new book written about Walter Payton and revelations of his drug use, philandering and an illegitimate child.

And this surprises people?  I am not a sports fan.  I ride the bandwagon every once in a while when on that rare occasion, one of our sports teams is doing well.  Some of my best memories are of my kids and neighbors celebrating the Bulls victories in the 90’s.  We marched around the block, my husband playing “Charge” on his trumpet, yelling and screaming and waving to people who were driving by.  It was fun.

But even back then, there were rumblings about Michael Jordan.  Single friends of mine who frequented the “hot spots” in our city, saw him with a different woman every night, but never his wife.  Apparently this was ignored by the media.

Kids have looked up to athletes since time began, but we are incredibly naive if we think that in this day and age a popular athlete is not going to have some failings.  Maybe if the press was more willing to report those failings, kids (and adults) might see things differently.

In the meantime, perhaps we can give our sons and daughters REAL role models.

How about it parents?  Can you step up to the plate and show your kids that YOU are the role model in their lives?

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