St. Monica and Her Son, St. Augustine: Role Models for Today

“My son, as to me, I no longer find any pleasure in this life.  What more I have to do here and why I am still here I do not know, since I have no longer anything to hope for in this world.  There was only one reason why I wanted to stay a little longer in this life, and that was that I should see you a Catholic before I died.  Now God has granted me this beyond my hopes.  For I see that you have despised the pleasures of this world and have become his servant.  So what am I doing here?” – St. Monica, patron of alcoholics, difficult marriages, mothers, victims of unfaithfulness, and widows

St. Augustine on his mother’s peacemaking:

Among people who were quarreling or at discord she showed herself, whenever she could, very much of a peacemaker.  She might hear very many bitter things said on both sides.  This kind of outpouring of swelling and undigested malice very likely takes place when a person talks to a friend who is present about an enemy who is absent.  On these occasions hatred is expressed in its very real crudity and in the bitterest terms possible.  But my mother would never report to one person what another had said to her, unless what had been said might help to bring the two together again.

Ordinary humanity ought to make us feel that we have not done enough if we merely refrain from increasing and exacerbating ill feeling among people by our evil tongues well so as to put an end to ill feeling.  This was what my mother was like, and you, Lord, were the master who, deep in the school of her heart, taught her this lesson.



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