My Dependency on all Things Electronic

Lately I’ve noticed a real dependency that I have on all things electronic.  I’ve noticed this because the things that I depend on the most, were taken away!

It started Saturday.  Our choir set up for Mass where we are filling in for the summer.  They have an excellent sound system … until Saturday.  Things went from bad to worse through the Mass.  Even the celebrant commented on how a screaming child doesn’t bother him during Mass, but when the sound system is going “snap, crackle and pop,” he wants to jump out of one of the stained glass windows!

We ended up unplugging everything but my husband’s keyboard, but even that sounded muffled.  Fortunately, our trumpet player was able to make the sweet sounds of harmony float above the chaos.

Sunday we had a power outage just before I was leaving for work.  I managed to dry my hair partially with a towel and put my make-up on with a flashlight!  It wasn’t pretty!

I had a plan in case the power was still out when I got home from work.  We would eat whatever was in the fridge.  And for entertainment, I could still read.  From my nook, of course.  And since Number 1 son bought me that new cover with the BEST light attached, it can stay dark for as long as it wants!

The most painful aspect of all this was my laptop.  It started acting up about a week ago.  Once turned off, it would not turn on without at least an hour’s worth of coaxing!  I would rather be online then watch TV, so my withdrawal symptons grew to a frenzy!  I finally gave up and dropped it off for repair.  I’m typing this on my husband’s laptop and it’s just not the same.  My electronic extention of myself is definitely missing and I’m not happy.

St. Anthony I need your help!  Bless the hands that will fix the sound system at the church where we currently sing, thank you for the restored power in our home and please, Dear Tony, if at all possible, can I get my laptop back soon without costing the proverbial arm and leg?

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