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Pray for Me!

Today marks the launch of ChicagoNow’s new blog web site.  To be honest, I’m a little nervous.  I just got used to the old system (barely) and now I’m learning something different.  Good for my brain, bad for my nerves! Apparently there are no saints for bloggers (yet), so I’m relying on your prayers to... Read more »

A Rock And Keys

When Jesus went into the region of Caesarea Philippihe asked his disciples,“Who do people say that the Son of Man is?”They replied, “Some say John the Baptist, others Elijah,still others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”Simon Peter said in reply,“You are the Christ, the... Read more »

Stopping The Storms

As Jesus got into a boat, his disciples followed him. Suddenly a violent storm came up on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by waves; but he was asleep. They came and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!” He said to them, “Why are you terrified, O you of... Read more »

You Heard Him: "Follow Me!"

When Jesus saw a crowd around him, he gave orders to cross to the other shore. A scribe approached and said to him, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus answered him, “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.”... Read more »

He Really Is There!

Jesus said to the Jewish crowds: “I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.” The Jews quarreled among themselves, saying, “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?” ... Read more »

Some Days Are Just Better Then Others

Did you ever have a seemingly perfect day?  A day where just everything falls into place?  A day that has YOUR name on it? As I’m writing this, I’m having that day.  I got up really early (before six!) and, as is my custom, I got my coffee and headed for my laptop.  After my... Read more »

My Two Cents on Fr. John Corapi aka The Black Sheep Dog

Since I’ve started this blog in November, the Catholic “world” has been a quiet place.  That all changed in March when the announcement was made that Fr. John Corapi was being suspended  because of allegations of drug use and sexual misconduct.  The charges come from a former employee of Santa Cruz Media Inc. who also... Read more »

A Poem for Fr. John Corapi by Alberto Boccino

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, TO MY  SPIRITUAL FATHER.  7 years ago, you replaced my dad just a few months after he died, and your faithful Catholic Teaching replaced my lukewarm catholic misinterpretations.  This short poem is about the day in March when you first notified us of the Accusation: A DARK LENTEN DAY I remember exactly... Read more »

The Street Preacher: Do You Become Christian Because of Him?

In Saturday’s Chicago Tribune there was an article about Rev. Frank Teesdale, pastor of Garfield Ridge Baptist Church.  The good pastor is an in your face kind of guy. I touched on this subject in a recent blog of mine.  When I wasn’t Catholic and not at all a Christian, I found this behavior ridiculous.  How can anyone take... Read more »

Inseparable: The Catholic Church and John Corapi

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. Whoever believes in him will not... Read more »