St. Joan of Arc

St. Joan of Arc’s Feast Day was May 30th and I really couldn’t pass up the chance to at least mention her.

It was in 1425, at the tender age of thirteen, that Joan began to hear the voices:
“I heard the voice on the right-hand side, towards the church; and rarely do I hear it without a brightness … The voice was sent to me by God and, after I had heard this voice three times, I knew it was the voice of an angel.”

It was the voice of St. Michael the Archangel and he was giving her instructions to lead a siege at Orleans.

Joan of Arc was condemned as a relapsed heretic by the court and on May 31, 1431 was burned at the stake in the market square at Rouen.  An eyewitness left this account of her death:

She asked me to fetch the cross from the church so that she could have it continually before her eyes until her death …

In the flames until the end she continuously proclaimed and confessed aloud the holy name of Jesus.  And she did not cease invoking the help of the saints in paradise.  Moreover, as she bowed her head and breathed her last, as a sign of her fervent faith in God, she uttered the name of Jesus.

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