Will Fr. Michael Pfleger Leave the Catholic Church?

“I want to try to stay in the Catholic Church,” Pfleger said. “If they say ‘You either take this principalship of (Leo High School) or pastorship there or leave,’ then I’ll have to look outside the church. I believe my calling is to be a pastor. I believe my calling is to be a voice for justice. I believe my calling is to preach the Gospel. In or out of the church, I’m going to continue to do that.”  (Chicago Tribune, April 11)
I have been waiting for that quote from Fr. Pfleger for a long time.  I’ve suspected that Father would tire of the rules of the Catholic Church and leave to start his own church.
Over the years I have admired the man for his activism but also cringed at his associations with Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Fr. Pfleger does have guts.  He gets out there with the community to express his concerns and brings a lot of publicity to those issues.  His infamous YouTube impersonation of Hillary Clinton was hilarious and probably truer then most people would want to believe.

Out of curiosity, I went to St. Sabina’s web page.  Like most churches, the home page is filled with information about the faith community, but I was struck by the predominance of pictures and video of Fr. Pfleger.  It’s not hard to figure out how this can lead a man to think he is above authority.
It’s not a matter of “if” Fr. Pfleger will leave the Catholic Church, but “when.”


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  • Dear Fr. Pfleger,

    I think it is high time that you either fish or cut bait. IF you intend to remain a faithful Roman Catholic priest, then get in line with Church teachings. IF you want to be a modern Martin Luther, then don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya! Go "be all you can be" somewhere else. I'm sure the Anglicans and Episcopalians, who are open to almost anything, will be happy to have you.

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