Senator Durbin, Title X and Me

I wrote an email to Senator Durbin expressing my concerns about my tax dollars being used for abortion.  This was the Senator’s response:

The Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act of 2011, H.R. 1, would eliminate the grant program of the Public Health Service Act, Title X. In addition, an amendment to H.R. 1 agreed to by the House would prohibit the bill’s funds from being used “for any purpose” by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America or by any of the 102 Planned Parenthood affiliates or offices.

Title X of the Public Health Service Act provides over five million women with a wide range of services designed to improve maternal and infant health, lower the incidence of unintended pregnancy, and prevent abortions. In addition, this program provides funding for breast and cervical cancer screening and prevention.

Under Title X, the federal government provides grants to 89 public and private organizations for the provision of comprehensive family planning services and information. Grant recipients may include state and local health departments, hospitals, university health centers, independent clinics, public and non-profit agencies, including Planned Parenthood affiliates. These funds may be used for a wide range of family planning activities, including infertility services, contraceptive education and services, abstinence education, and programs that combine the latter two approaches.

I want to make it very clear that federal law already in place prohibits Title X funding from being used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning. Projects that receive these funds are closely monitored to ensure that federal funds are not used for abortion.
Title X has a proven record of success. Without this funding, it has been estimated that nearly two million unintended pregnancies would occur every year, resulting in almost a million additional abortions. Moreover, for more than half the clients, Title X clinics are their “usual” or only source of health care and 70 percent of total clients live at or below the federal poverty level.

We should encourage abstinence among our youth and support family planning to avoid unintended pregnancies that may lead to abortion.

I received an answer to my email in a very timely manner.  But I think I can simplify this whole thing.

On our tax forms there should be a box that you can check.  If you want your taxes to pay for abortions you check the yes box.  If you do not want your taxes to pay for abortions you check the no box.

Now if you don’t like this idea, then you should go to Planned Parenthood, ask them how much an abortion costs and pay for the next woman who is in line because I don’t want to pay for it.

Not in this life time or the next.


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  • re: check boxes

    Great idea. Can we also have one where if you don't want to have an abortion, don't get one. But if someone else decides to get an abortion, they and the people helping them are free to do so without having to deal with all the negative protests, threats and violence.

    Everyone talks about funds for abortion clinics or tweaking the laws so that its easier or harder to get one, because those are easy things to do. How about creating a world where no one needs or wants an abortion in the first place.

  • In reply to darkangel:

    We are a long way from that perfect world, my friend.

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