Arnold Schwarzenegger, Adultery And Risking The Love Of A Child

For as long as I can remember, television and movies have portrayed infidelity whether it be between people who are married to other people or just serial philanderers.  Today there is an explosion of it.  It seems that everyone cheats on their spouse or presumed “loved one.”

Some of the tabloid shows have gone over the edge with catching the cheater on video tape and that person (with a completely straight face or with howls of laughter) denying that’s their image on the video.
I’ve read stories about people who will only “date” married men or women.  The reasons they give are so outlandish that I’m glad I don’t understand.

A skewed definition of commitment and selfishness seems to be at the heart of this.  There’s no “long-term” anything in our society now.  We throw away everything from electronics to our loved ones and just get new ones.

What was Arnold Schwarzenegger thinking?  He was probably thinking with his male member and his wife and children were the furthest thing from his mind.  Now another child is in the mix as a result of his indiscretion.

My husband and I had a “pre-nup” of sorts.  He doesn’t remember this, by the way.  When we first talked about getting married, we also talked about divorce.  He told me that if anything happened to us that we couldn’t resolve, we would just separate and that he would never give me a divorce.  I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Okay.”
My thoughts at the time, were, “If this doesn’t work out – I’m done.”  And I still feel that way.
But what really holds me back from making a complete fool of myself should our marriage ever dissolve (after thirty years!) is my children.  And I guess that’s why I don’t understand when people who have kids have a revolving door on their bedroom.  Even if the kids are of a young age, eventually they will figure out what everyone’s been up to.
Whether you are the parent in the situation, the aunt or uncle or just a beloved adult in a child’s life, you will be blown off that pedestal if you decide you are the sexiest thing on the planet and you act on it. 
Is anyone really that good in bed to risk the love of a child?

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